Erik Yuzwa | Wazoo Web Bytes

Small Business Owner. Content Creator. Game Developer.

I’ve been dabbling in a LOT of different arenas.

For the most part, I’ve been working as a Web Developer for over 20 years, just trying to focus on solving web application problems for teams and companies. I aim to solve your software issues, but also endeavouring to help your company streamline where possible.

I dedicate some time working on my personal YouTube channel, where I look at mostly game development related topics. I dive into some C/C++ game programming, along with doing some playthroughs of fun games and experiments that I come across.

I also create content for Wazoo Web Bytes which is
a channel focused on providing education and help information for web developers. Are you getting started in this field? Or are you looking to play with a new language and/or web framework? Then come check it out!


I'm showing the last 4 blog posts, but there might be more!

  • Hello Eleventy

    Re-re-relaunching my personal website with 11ty!