Wazoo Web Bytes

I originally started Wazoo Web Bytes as a YouTube channel for providing educational content for web development, but as the channel has steadily started to grow, I’ve
been moving my Web Development Services under the same umbrella.

I specialize in a few areas that can help your company!

Full Stack Development

Sometimes you have a perfectly fine team with a smooth running operation. All you need is a bit of hand to tackle your (massive?) backlog of issues that could use some love.

Updating Legacy Software

Sometimes your software isn’t bleeding edge. Sometimes it’s not even close. While not ALL software can be rescued, most of the software serving the popular web these days is still using older software. Did you need some help making some upgrades, or wanting to look at an enhancement or two? I’d be more then happy to talk about it.

Website Maintenance

Sometimes your company has a perfectly fine and functional website that just needs some technical attention. I can go through the website and take a look
at any security enhancements that might need to be addressed. Or maybe you just want to periodically update some of the content and need some help. I’d
be more then happy to provide the service.

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