Summons From Gallifrey

A Classic Doctor Who fan wanting to talk about the British science-fiction masterpiece!

Join me semi-regularly, as I go through and explore stories behind this amazing television series!

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Episode 14| The Caves of Androzani

Episode 13| Castrovalva - Block Transfer Computation Run Amok

Episode 12| The One About Logopolis

Episode 11| The One About the (Obvious) Robot

Episode 10| Spiders…It Had To Be Spiders

Episode 09| The One About Spearhead From Space

Episode 08| The War Games (Discussion)

Episode 07| The One About The War Games (Part II)

Episode 06| The One About The War Games (Part I)

Episode 05| The One About The Power of the Daleks

Episode 04| The Tenth Planet (Discussion)

Episode 03| The One About The Tenth Planet

Episode 02| An Unearthly Child (Discussion)

Episode 01| The One About An Unearthly Child

Episode 00| The Trailer For Season 1: The Alpha and The Omega