Season 1

Episode Five

@eyuzwa and @jeffhorton talk utopia, programming, cloud editing, vr and how to keep Erik employed.

wazroc · Wazroc - Ep05s01

Episode Four

Erik and Jeff talk Slack, Parenting and Dystopian futures!

wazroc · Podcast - Wazroc - Ep04s01

Episode Three

In our third episode @eyuzwa and @jeffhorton talk job interviews, consulting, becoming and agency and probably more. Listen in and let us know your thoughts.

wazroc · Wazroc - Ep03s01

Episode Two

In the second podcast from @wazroc, @jeffhorton and @eyuzwa talk Steam refunds, Kickstarter, VR and Occulus along with education. Still forgot about the sausages. Visit us on twitter and let us know your thoughts!

wazroc · Wazroc - Ep2 - S01

Episode One

In this first podcast episode from @eyuzwa and @jeffhorton talk history, .NET and JavaScript. Visit us on Twitter and let us know your thoughts.

wazroc · Wazroc Ep1 S01