Paladin Fever Dream

The village is in trouble and is in need of thy help! Only a Paladin can help save the village from the curse of their Moonstone.

Go on an adventure to take the Moonstone down through the Forgotten Temple Grounds to face a long forgotten enemy.

Equip your sword and board, charge up your abilities, and deliver some Paladin Justice to your enemies!

Temple of Anguish

The land is in turmoil…

The Queen is the Head of State of lands and territories that are little more then fractured geo-political areas governed by leaders that at one time were interested in mutual cooperation. After years of concessions, the Queen has no substantial army of her own and must appeal to the government for troops and other war donations.

One particular source of the instability, is the recent rise of a brutal cult known as “Infinity Sect”. After many months on the case, the Queen’s spies have tracked down the leader back to his lair deep within the “Temple of Anguish”.

Rather then going through “regular” channels, the Queen assigns the assassination to you: a loyal officer of her Royal Guard.

You’ve navigated through the countryside crossing several dangerous territories, until you’ve finally reached the last reported hideout of the Infinity Sect.

Will you discover the identity of the elusive leader?