In the 6th Doctor’s final story, charged with genocide by the treacherous Valeyard at his trial, the Doctor receives help from an unlikely source to turn the tide of the High Council’s rulings in his favour and reveal the Valeyard as a wrongdoer - the Master.

The 6th Doctor is in trouble! Put on trial by his own people (AGAIN), the Doctor implicates himself with the charge of genocide of the Vervoids via his own defense. Soon, however, the Master appears to illuminate the situation – the High Council of Time Lords on Gallifrey made a secret deal with the Valeyard; in exchange for a guilty verdict, the Valeyard will have access to all the remaining regenerations of the Doctor. Crikey!

In a bit of a mess of a season that saw Doctor Who return with a total of 14 episodes, the death of Robert Holmes, Eric Saward quitting the show and Colin Baker getting the sack.

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