The X-Wing / Tie-Fighter mod communities have been around for many years, with the shared purpose that most mod communities have; which is to further build and enhance upon a (classic or modern) game.

I’ll continue writing and exploring the tooling available for the Tie-Fighter / X-Wing modding communities, but this post is more focused on the actual release of the Tie-Fighter Total Conversion project itself to release 1.1!

From the official Tie-Fighter Total Conversion page

The TIE Fighter Total Conversion (TFTC) project is aimed at porting the original classic 1994 LucasArts game TIE Fighter, into the 1999 X-Wing Alliance (XWA) engine.

Based on the original TFTC from 2005 and built upon the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project, this is a complete overhaul of the game from graphics to gameplay. All 13 battle campaigns and their training missions have been ported over along with 8 Reimagined battle campaigns, taking advantage of the much better XWA engine and imagining how TIE Fighter could’ve been had the technology of the time not limited it.

But here’s a general breakdown of what you can expect from this mod!

  • A full port of all the Classic TIE Fighter missions, including the expansions Defender of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire - a total of 76 campaign missions + the 28 original Training missions. This includes all the original voiceovers and cutscenes.
  • A Reimagined campaign of the first 8 Battles of TIE Fighter. These take the original missions, expand upon them for more ships, bigger battles or in some cases completely build new missions out of them but retaining the same overall narrative and story points of the original Classic. This campaign includes 37 fully playable campaign missions + 4 updated training scenarios.
  • That’s a total of 145 unique missions between both the Classic and Reimagined versions!
  • Enjoy the amazing updated visuals for the X-Wing Alliance engine made possible by the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project (XWAU), bringing this 22 year old game into the modern era of graphics. VR Support, again thanks to the XWAU project.
  • Enjoy a fully remastered TIE Fighter soundtrack or even load up the old original MIDI soundtrack if you’re feeling more nostalgic!
  • Rank up, collect memorabilia and earn medals in your pilot room as you progress!
  • Join the Secret Order of the Emperor as you play through and rank up those tattoos just like the original.

What you need to install and play Tie Fighter Total Conversion (TFTC)

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Note: It’s important to download and install all the XWAU and TFTC mods in the specific order. The latest patches or releases do not also include anything that’s been previously released, and thus rely on them being present and installed.

The official TFTC installation tutorial video