I'm Erik

I work on full stack web software and write about modern JavaScript, Node.js, design and web development. Maybe some C/C++ from time to time.

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Open Source Projects

Temple of Anguish

My entry for the 2016 7DRL - build a Roguelike in 7 days. Made with JavaScript, Electron and Rot.js


Personal theme for Gatsby (the source of this website).


Co-hosted with Jeff Horton, the Wazroc Podcast covers a wide gambit of issues in Tech.

Episode 1: The BeginningEpisode 1: The Beginning

Episode 2Episode 2

Episode 3Episode 3

Episode 4Episode 4

Episode 5Episode 5


I was fortunate (quite a few years ago) to have the pleasure of partnering with Charles River Media(now Cengage Learning) to put together some material on game programming using C/C++.

Game Programming in C++: Start to FinishGame Programming in C++: Start to Finish

Learn C++ By Making GamesLearn C++ By Making Games

What others have said about me...

In searching for a successor for my role as an advanced JavaScript application engineer, when Erik's resume came up I knew we had found the right guy.


Erik has been an exemplary contractor. Not only has he worked with a remote team of developers with great efficiency, but he also spent time mentoring them.


Erik is a skilled Sr. Developer who has the ability to analyze and solve problems very quickly. Not only he is very open to collaborate with other team members, but he is also not afraid to share his knowledge with others.


Erik is a hard worker, and a smart worker. He is a team player, thinks out of the box, and truly puts a lot of care and consideration into his work.


Erik has an excellent ability to troubleshoot problems very quickly and efficiently - he's the guy you come to for a solution when there doesn't seem to be any answers.


Erik has a broad range of expertise that allows him to triage and evaluate situations and offer timely solutions. His dedication to "making stuff work" is amazing.